About Textile and Fashion
Federation (TaFF)

As the official trade association for the textile and fashion industry in Singapore, Textile and Fashion Federation (TaFF) plays an active role in supporting and developing the industry by positioning Singapore as an innovative fashion hub with a focus on three key areas

• Technology & Innovation
• Sustainability, and
• Asian Craftsmanship

TaFF partners with the Singapore government and brings together businesses from across the fashion value chain to bolster the fashion industry in Singapore. It champions programmes and initiatives which build capabilities, expands Singapore’s fashion and textile businesses internationally, and promotes environmentally friendly business practices.

About TaFF Fashion
Sustainability Programme

Through the Fashion Sustainability Programme, TaFF aims to generate progress and a competitive edge for the textile and fashion industry by positioning Singapore as the regional capital for innovative and sustainable solutions.

To this end, TaFF aims to build vibrant ecosystems for sustainability across the entire value chain including network of textile companies in yarn and fabrics, garment manufacturing, retail distribution and post consumption textile waste management.

TaFF sustainability initiative is funded through a group of partners, collaborators, subject matter experts, thought leaders, networks and projects.

As part of the Fashion Sustainability Programme, TaFF presents Be The Change, Fashioning a Sustainable Roadmap for a Greener Tomorrow. This series of activations will last from July 6th to August 18th to empower manufacturers, retailers, brands and consumers to play an active part in reducing their carbon footprint.

TaFF Presents: Be The Change

Be The Change is a season-long initiative that is part of the Fashion Sustainability Programme (FSP) by TaFF. Presented from July 6 to August 18 2022, the 1.5-month-long event will feature a series of activations to kickstart a collective sustainable movement across all layers of the fashion industry.

How can the fashion industry play its part in meeting the objectives of the Green Plan? How can all stages of the fashion process – from the manufacturers to the brands, from the retailers to the end consumer – be more energy-efficient and reduce our collective environmental footprint?

Be The Change will begin on Wednesday 6 July with Enable the Change, a networking and thought leadership summit, followed by a launch party to celebrate the opening of the Shop the Change sustainability retail activation at Design Orchard Singapore.

The summit is targeted at the greater business community, with a sector report by TaFF on how companies can implement better sustainable practices. Then, retail activations and workshops throughout the month will engage consumers and provide frameworks for reducing their environmental footprint.

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