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The fashion and textile industry is the second largest polluter in the world and as the industry grows, so does the negative footprint it leaves on the environment. There are solutions and alternatives to reduce the environmental damage and these can start with building awareness and with the willingness to change.

At TaFF, we recognise that no single individual or organisation can do this alone, and therefore we present you with an opportunity to collaborate and drive systemic changes to build a sustainable future in the world of fashion and lifestyle. We invite individuals, corporations, businesses and organizations to join us in a journey to make a positive change to the environment.

Innovation Projects

Sandboxed project whiteboard for businesses and organisations to collaborate, innovate and learn together on how to solve issues within our industry.

Traceability Report

Traceability Pilot

A traceability and authenticity platform for fashion and textiles via distributed ledger technologies.

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Skills Discovery

Skills Discovery

Proof-of-concept to discover understand skills and adjacencies between skills.

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Towards Zero Fashion Waste

Opportunities and priorities for our sector.

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  • Conscious fashion consumption​
  • Recycling and collection initiatives​
  • Education and engagement initiatives


  • Business models on rental
  • Business models on resale
  • Business models on repair and / or refurbishment / redesign.


  • Design and creation of new products​​
  • Upcycling​​
  • Business models on upcycling​


  • Collection and sorting textile waste​
  • Materials recovery and processing technologies​
  • Business models on post-recycled materials​
  • Closed-loop recycling


  • Conversion of textile waste to energy​
  • Conversion to biofuels

Achieve More Together

Solutions to advance businesses in sustainability.

Inspirations for Gnome and Bow

Resource Directory

Search for a listing of sustainability suppliers. Members’ access only.

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Group with Plan

Trace Your Fibre

See how viscose fibre can be traced through the supply chain.

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Rise To The Challenge

Stand united in collective action towards sustainable business practices and lifestyle.

Corporate Pledge

Pledge as a corporate to publicly endorse the following principles.

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Individual Pledge

Sign the pledge as an indication of your desire to be an agent of change.

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Join these companies who have pledged

  • Adrian Furstenburg
  • Ann K
  • Anchroma
  • Asia Pacific Rayon
  • August Society
  • B.P. De Silva Jewellers
  • Bambino
  • Boheme Sg
  • Browzwear
  • C+C
  • Clozette
  • Cold Wear
  • Common Suits
  • Esta
  • Feedelon
  • Finix Wear
  • Forbidden Hill
  • Fu Yuan
  • Ghim Li Global
  • Ginlee
  • Hee Fabric Agencies
  • Hher
  • Identity Trading
  • Joannalsm
  • Kmana
  • Lee Yin Knitting Factory
  • Ling Wu
  • Lisa Von Tang
  • Love Bonito
  • Maisha Concept
  • Marilyn Tan Jewellery
  • Matex Holdings
  • Mycotech Lab
  • Nitchs
  • Nost
  • Nyana Nyana
  • Ollie
  • Pearly Lustre
  • Polygenta Technologies
  • Q Collection
  • Revive Consulting
  • RGE
  • Sabrina Goh
  • Sage And Ylang
  • Sateri
  • Sea Leather Wear
  • Shalom Movers
  • Shanghood
  • State Property
  • Strange Mari
  • Style Theory
  • Susgain
  • Teo Holdings
  • Think Sketch Design
  • Tiger Analytics
  • Torajamelo
  • Travel Consulting Group
  • Van Der Elst Consultancy
  • Winrich Pte Ltd
  • YOF Athletica

Learn and Grow

Develop your knowledge in sustainability.

Video Resources

Fashion Change, Forests Stay

Learn the potential for forest fibres to help the fashion industry on its sustainability journey.

Past Events

Launch of fashion sustainability programme

Join us as we launch the new sustainability initiative at the Textile and Fashion Federation (Singapore).

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TaFF WWF Circularity

TaFF x WWF Singapore Roundtable — Delivering on Circularity

A discussion about the success factors needed to implement a reusable e-commerce packaging in Singapore.

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Getting closer to Circular Solutions

Industry Insights — Getting Closer to Circularity in Fashion

Edwin Keh, CEO of HKRITA shares about the innovations that will drive circularity in the fashion and textiles.

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Sustainability Steering Committee

Nicole Van Der Elst Desai

Nicole Van Der Elst Desai

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Chloe Tan

Chloe Tan

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Raena Lim

Raena Lim

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Join us in taking the Sustainability Pledge

This initiative led by TaFF is purely a drive to encourage you, your company or organization to promote sustainable practices.

Sustainability Events @ TaFF

Industry Insights - Getting Closer to Circularity in Fashion

A recap on the Industry Insights event held, click below to read!

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Charting the path towards sustainability in the fashion industry.

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Traceability Proof-of-Concept

TaFF, Chemistry, and Kryha are embarking on a proof-of-concept (PoC) towards developing a traceability and authenticity platform for fashion and textiles via distributed ledger technologies. The collaboration includes the design and development of the PoC.

The objectives of the proof-of-concept are:

  • To understand the unique requirements of textile and fashion supply chain for traceability, through user-led processes
  • To establish a use case that can yield learnings for this project
  • To develop a traceability PoC, that tracks the flow and use of materials, on the use case

The PoC leverages Chemistry and Kryha’s previous blockchain works include developing a Proof-of-Concept for a similar platform for the built environment. This project was a recipient of the IMDA’s Blockchain Challenge grant in 2019. Moving forward, Chemistry and Kryha will carry over learnings from this project towards its application in the textile and fashion industry. This new initiative has been funded by the MIT European Union grant from 2020.

Sustainability Skills Discovery

TaFF and JobTech are working together on a proof-of-concept (PoC) to discover and understand skills and adjacencies between skills and jobs in the fashion sustainability domain.​

The PoC aims to show through a data-driven approach, how talents looking to enter the fashion sustainability career, can understand in-demand skills to manage their career and progression. For talents who aspire to move into the sustainability sector, the PoC provides an overview of what the skills requirements are and the possible training pathways that the talents can upskill to get closer to job requirements. In this way, the skills discovery is hyper-personalised to everyone’s unique profile. ​

The PoC leverages on JobTech’s Talent Intelligence Platform, Talented, which runs on self-learning AI. TaFF provides domain expertise to the PoC.

Trace Your Fibre

With key steps documented on a blockchain ledger, customers are assured that their suppliers are providing sustainably sourced raw materials that also meet governmental and industry standards.​

“Follow our Fibre” is a platform developed by viscose manufacturer Asia Pacific Rayon to trace its fibre from every bale back to the plantations and nurseries where the trees were grown.​

See how viscose fibre can be traced through the supply chain. Trace it now​

Nursery → Plantation → Wood Chips → Dissolving Pulp → Viscous Bale → Customers

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