Browzwear University x TaFF

Browzwear University with TaFF offers participants the opportunity to take the next step in fashion.

Through Browzwear U with TaFF, you can

  • Get 2-Months access to Browzwear U
  • Get 3-Months educational license to V-stitcher
  • Join a network of skilled 3D designers
  • Opportunity to apply for Browzwear Guild and connected to job opportunities in the 3D apparel design industry!

Only 15 slots per intake. Join TaFF’s Browzwear University Programme for a head start on 3D fashion today!

Next in-take date: To Be Announced.

Please make sure you have the Technical Specifications required for this course.

Windows  Mac 
·         Intel i7 Quad Core Processor or higher 

·         Intel Xeon Processor min. 3.2Ghz or higher 

·         16GB RAM 

·         NVIDIA, mid range GPU (GTX family) with at least 4GB RAM, supports OpenGL 4.3 or later 

  • MacBook Pro, iMac or Mac Pro with i7 Quad core processor and dedicated GPU 
  • 16GB RAM 
  • AMD Radeon with at least 2GB RAM 
  • SSD Drive minimum 256GB 
  • MAC OSX 10.11 and later 


Note: It is recommended to use a high speed 8 core processor such as i7 or i9 for complex garment creation. 

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