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TaFF Tech Link is Asia’s premier business matching event focused on bringing the world’s leading technologies to business across the region’s growing and thriving fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries.

These trimestrial business matching events feature the leading products, services and solutions from around the world, and make them accessible & available to drive innovation, transformation and disruption in your company.

Israel X TaFF Tech Link – 14 October, 2pm to 5.30pm
In this seminal event, 15 industry leading technology providers from Israel will be showcasing their solutions and services to drive innovation and efficiency in:

  • e-commerce;
  • brick & mortar retail; 
  • manufacturing;
  • business intelligence & data analytics;
  • new materials, and
  • supply chain & logistics.

What To Expect

As a participant to TaFF Tech Link, you will have the unique opportunity to:

Take part in Asia's premier business matching event!

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Keynote Speakers

Wilson Teo


Textile and Fashion Federation

Nicholas Hong

Singapore Israel Industrial R&D Foundation
Enterprise Singapore

Yoav Saidel

Head of Economic and Trade Mission

Embassy of Israel in Singapore

Orly Glick


Vintage Investment Partners

Yasmin Elad

Head of Business Development

Retail Innovation Club

Who You Will Meet

Itamar Banayan

Chief Business Development Officer


Deborah Aroshas

Co-Founder, CMO


Gideon Zohar

Business Development Director

Labyrinth – Hollistic Security Solutions

Kobi Leizerovich

Director of Partnerships


Asher Geffen

Director of Business Development


Tali Hamdi

Chief Executive Officer


Julian Vardi

Partnerships Manager


Lilach Aviad

VP, Product & Marketing

Twine Solutions

Eyal Eliakim

Business and Product Development Manager

Xerobon by Davik

Asaf Shapira

Chief Executive Officer


Ayelet Pe'er

Chief Technology Officer

Tefron Ltd

Rad Mitic

Head of Partnerships, APAC


Marc Loeb

Head of Global Sales

Byond XR

Eyal Rosenthal

Co Founder and CRO


Sharon Lim


and more...

Take part in Asia's premier business matching event!

TaFF members enjoy a special discount,  please reach out to members@taff.org.sg to learn more.

Participating Technology Partners


Namogoo Technologies Ltd. is a digital journey continuity software packaged as a service platform that autonomously adapts to each customer visit in real-time, and helps improve online customer journeys as well as business results for global retail brands.

Using Image Recognition and Data Scientist, Selectika extracts rich product attributes from retailer catalogues ranging from the fabrics, silhouettes and styles available, and provides shoppers a digital assortment based on their preferences.

With Selectika’s proprietary algorithms, they also provide marketing teams with actionable insights that improve customer engagement and retention.

Syte is the world’s first product discovery platform that’s powered by visual AI. They drive eCommerce revenue and brand loyalty with next-generation search and discovery experiences.

Syte’s solutions, including a visual discovery suite, searchandising suite, and hyper-personalisation suite, and aim to deliver deliver cohesive, data-driven product discovery journeys that cater to every kind of shopper.

Yotpo is a leading eCommerce marketing platform that helps thousands of forward-thinking brands such as Patagonia, Rebecca Minkoff and MVMT just to name a few, accelerate direct-to-consumer growth.

Yotpo’s single-platform approach integrates data-driven solutions for reviews, loyalty, SMS marketing, and more, empowering brands to create smarter, higher-converting experiences that spark and sustain customer relationships. Yotpo integrates seamlessly with Google, Instagram and most top eCommerce platforms. Yotpo is a Forbes Cloud 100 company with offices worldwide including New York, London, Tel Aviv, Sofia, and Sydney.

ReturnGO is an AI-driven returns management platform that helps retailers enance customers’ experience with returns while increasing bottom-line profit and revenue.

Brick and Mortar Retail

ByondXR has developed a cutting edge and immersive, virtual, commerce platform that creates engaging, interactive stores and experiences. The patterned platform offers brands and retailers a new way to increase customer engagement, drive brand recognition and increase sales.

STOREE was founded with the desire to help every retailer maximize the value of every product in any store across the chain, and to pioneer a new way of management to the industry. 

STOREE’s store-management technological system enables automatic, smart, and efficient operation of sales teams and exhibition spaces using data science and business intelligence. The product advances retail chains operations’ by enabling its algorithm to regulate stock storage, exhibition spaces, sales amplification, and automatic tasks for the organization’s employees.


Tefron is a seamless garments manufacturer that earned a global reputation for technological superiority, as well as strategic partnerships and customer relationships with market leaders in fashion, athletics and wearable tech.

Tefron has global presence with a development center in Israel, showrooms in New-York and Montreal and production sites in Jordan and China, developing and producing garments for the Sport and Intimate apparel leading brands.

Twine Solutions has developed the world’s first digital, waterless thread and yarn dyeing system.

Digital dyeing technology meets the changing needs of the fast-paced fashion industry, of clothing manufacturers and of apparel brands by enabling short dye runs as well as the production of samples on demand, reducing delivery timees and minimising costs significantly.

Browzwear’s pioneering 3D solutions for apparel design, development and merchandising are the key to a successful digital product lifecycle. 

Through the power of beautiful, true-to-life 3D, designers, developers, production and marketing can now collaborate effectively to get creative products to market faster than ever before. 

With Browzwear, brands and retailers around the world are connecting people and processes, reducing iterations and samples, and merchandising garments even before they are produced.


Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

Anagog is the world’s first mobile engagement platform that works from within the phone, independent of cloud communication. Their revolutionary Edge AI engine, JedAI, interprets smartphone sensor data and converts them into user insights and preferences in the real world, so companies can create highly customised marketing campaigns and tailor-made personal engagements to significantly increase consumer experience and loyalty.

Using on-device machine learning, marketers can specify the conditions of the engagement based on the current or predicted activities of their target audience.

Labyrinth specializes in providing integrated and customized solutions for a wide range of issues regarding corporate security and information gaps. Labyrinth provides a multi-layered protection of: Cyber, IT & Physical Protection, Employee Reliability Testing and Security Procedures through Surveys, Mapping Gaps and Managing inspection teams anywhere required.

Founded by senior executives of the Israeli Security and Intelligence community, Labyrinth provides defensive solutions to private individuals, executives, corporates, according to the concept of Holistic Security Framework, to produce optimal defensive walls and close gaps based on mapped threats and weaknesses.

Pecan is a predictive analytics platform that helps businesses drive value from AI. Using Pecan, business stakeholders and analysts can rapidly create and deploy predictive models to obtain actionable insights to improve key business processes and make better decisions. 

Sales and marketing teams use Pecan in order to create actionable AI-based predictions such as propensity to buy, next-best-offer, churn, identify high LTV customers and several others.

New Materials

CAPSOUL is a startup pioneering the field of ‘diamond design’ for the luxury industry, by enabling them to offer uniquely designed diamonds for their brand and collections.

Through the development of new diamond-growth technologies, they have perfected the creation of diamonds with new features. They are 100% pure diamond, yet completely differentiated from natural diamonds.

An adhesive solutions developer and manufacturer, Xerobon’s products are the first ZERO carbon footprint seam and saw adhesive tapes in the world.

and more.

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Opening Message by organiser, TaFF

Mr Benoit Valin, Programme Director, The Bridge Fashion Incubator

Mr Wilson Teo, President of TaFF, Executive Director, TEOHoldings

Keynote Speakers

Mr Nicholas Hong, Singapore Israel Industrial R&D Foundation, Enterprise Singapore

Mr Yoav Saidel, Embassy of Israel in Singapore, Head of Economic and Trade Mission

Israel is the country with the highest number of Start-ups, venture capital per capita and R&D investment as a percentage of GDP. Yoav will talk about the strong relations between Israel and Singapore and business collaborations between the two countries.

Ms Orly Glick, Partner, Vintage Investment Partners, invests in the leading funds and startups in US, Europe and Israel.

Ms Yasmin Elad, Head of Business Development, Retail Innovation Club

Orly and Yasmin will talk about the Israeli flourishing startup arena which is one of the biggest and most innovative in the world and produces huge amount of Unicorn companies (companies that worth more than a Billion dollars)

Presentations: E-Commerce

Stye – AI powered product discovery

Namogoo – Online customer journey and intent-based promotions

Selectika – AI powered styling & product recommendations

Yotpo – eCommerce marketing

ReturnGo – Return management platform encourages exchanges over refunds

Presentations: Brick and Mortar

Storee – Store management and planning

RFKeeper – Inventory management, sales analytics and theft protection

ByondXR – Immersive digital showrooms

Presentations: Manufacturing

Section keynote: Browzwear – End-to-end apparel design and operation workflow tools and solutions.
Topic — The importance of digital transformation as a leadership strategy to bolster an organisation’s resilience to disruption.

Section keynote: Tefron – Whole-garment knitting manufacturer
Topic – A discussion on the importance of embracing innovation in a textile factory

Section keynote: Hanin – Digital Apparel Factory offering on-demand, MOQ 1 manufacturing services
Topic – A discussion on the importance of embracing innovation in a textile factory

Twine – Digital & waterless thread and yarn dyeing

Presentations: Business intelligence & Data Analytics

Anagog – Mobile Engagement Platform

Pecan – Business intelligence platform for logistics, manufacturing and warehousing

Labyrinth – Corporate and information security and business inteligence

Presentations: New materials

Section keynote:  Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art:

Topic: An inspirational exposé on new futuristic fabrics created at Shenkar

Capsoul – Lab grown diamonds with customizable colour, shape and size

Xerobon – ZERO carbon footprint seam and saw adhesive tapes

Event conclusion and business matching follow up


Take part in Asia's premier business matching event!

TaFF members enjoy a special discount,  please reach out to members@taff.org.sg to learn more.

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