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LimeLoop’s technology-enabled reusable shippers provide valuable data, enable predictive analytics, and better protect delivered packages while increasing the customer experience and reducing environmental impact.
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At MikaCycle, we believe in a circular economy where we better allocate resources so that we contribute to an increase in recycling. We wish to help brands that are keen to switch from virgin into recycled plastics in their product line. We can help you achieve this by going through the process: – Identify the …

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TIPA® is a leading developer and producer of fully compostable flexible packaging solutions which are quickly being implemented into the global fashion world. TIPA’s breakthrough technology offers packaging that is just as transparent, durable and functional as conventional plastic, while breaking down into compost in a sustainable end-of-life process, just like an orange peel. Inspired …

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Grounded Packaging Co

Grounded specialises in the supply of sustainable packaging solutions. We offer the worlds most advanced products and specialise in the replacement of soft plastics. All products that we supply carry relevant certifications including compostable and FSC certifications. We manufacture everything from poly bags through to compostable, recycled plastic and paper ecommerce mailer satchels.
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Invisible Company

Invisible Company – Sustainable water-soluble packaging #INVISIBLEBAG Invisible Company is offering sustainable packaging solutions #INVISIBLEBAG to brands and retailers to replace the conventional plastic packaging in order to reduce at source. This is water-soluble, compostable, biodegradable and proven to be non-toxic, leaving no harmful residues on earth. It does not contain PP, PE, PS, PVC …

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Evolooption by Bios Kompost Co Pte Ltd

Evolooption is a biodegradable and compostable E commerce and Supply chain packaging company based in Singapore. (Solution samples are available at the Cocoon Space materials library.)
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