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Revery.Ai ★ uses machine learning technology to enable consumers to try on outfits digitally. They can mix and match among different items, and pick pre-trained models that reflects their ethnicity and personal preferences. Our solution is cost efficient, can be integrated very easily and can handle large amounts of SKUs.
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Fashion in Tech

Platform to bring brands and users together via integrating fashion, gamification and social features.
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beem holome


Real humans in augmented reality HoloMe is a self-serve platform that puts real humans into AR for brands to increase conversion and engagement.
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We are passionate web performance experts that want to make the internet faster. Dexecure is the only automatic web performance solution that accelerates websites, for better business results. Dexecure automatically performs Front end optimizations and partners with Content Delivery Networks (CDN) to deliver the fastest loading site. Our proprietary, world-class technology typically delivers 40% acceleration …

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Wootag, an interactive video and insights platform which turns viewers of any video content into customers, by immersing them in one’s brand and creating a wide variety of relevant ways by which they can interact with it. They can even buy directly from inside a video. Customers can measure results easily in real-time and, in …

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PlatformE specialise in developing high quality 3D visual assets, provides consultancy on Product Digital Creation, powers some of the most luxury brands in the world on Made-to-Order, and provides softwares that allow a 360 degree visibility through the whole supply chain, including production stages.
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belive technology


Belive Technology is a real-time interactive video live streaming service solutions company. With social media, interactive mobile video communication and video-sharing services becoming indispensable and part of the fabric of any business model, it is now possible for anyone to easily share content via live streaming and Companies and Brands need to embrace and incorporate …

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Fashion app that works as a digital dressing room, virtual tryons which allow users to export and share on social media.
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frontier is a fashion tech company using AI and pattern recognition to boost design capabilities and team work. Our tools allow you to build your digital library from any location, transition your design workflow onto 3D or simply cut your shipping cost. We run on AWS cloud and can be integrated seamlessly into existing ERP, … Read More »

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Embodee Orchids platform – A new kind of Web Platform that brings your stakeholders together. Accelerate your product development online, in gorgeous visual 3D. Create variants and assortments as a team, collaboratively. Publish anywhere and connect with third party solutions
Read More » generates some of the most realistic 3D product images. From sketch stage to final 3D product, making us a great source for content that is helpful in merchandising style-outs but also high quality enough for consumer consumption.
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Hiverlab is a media technology company HQed in Singapore with global partnerships, focusing on immersive technology since 2014. Consisting of a passionate team of technologists and creatives, Hiverlab has 4 main pillars as our main business activities today: Services, Products, R&D, and Academy. With our innovative solutions and products in the domains of Virtual Reality …

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Imaging solutions spanning from printing of prosumer photo images to scanning, digitization, and archiving of high-value and/or classified documents
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TOFFS Technologies Pte Ltd

TOFFS Technologies offer in-house immersive and interactive technology capabilities – AR, VR, video conferencing, webinar, live stream distribution etc – built upon core strengths in cyber-security and speed. In short, we offer performance assurance to our clients when it comes to delivering a smooth, secured and fun virtual shopping experience. Our digital solutions will help …

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The vast digital human body measurement platform for made-to-measure tailoring, fashion retailers, and corporate wear. We empower every consumer to make informed decisions on their sizes with body measurements obtained through cutting edge computer vision and image processing technology.
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iMMERSiVELY (based in Singapore and KL, Malaysia) is a creative startup specialising in immersive technologies, such as Augmented, Virtual – 360 and Mixed Reality for businesses across various industries. With over almost 2 decades of experience in media, content and design, we are one of the few pioneering companies in Singapore producing immersive story narratives. …

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DMIx® Cloud

Empowering virtual with reality. The DMIx® Cloud & Tools is a holistic platform for digital product development based on patented high-end color and appearance management. Targeted at apparel, footwear, fashion, and lifestyle, to enable & scale digital raw-material, trims, and color development workflows.
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