About Design Resource Development @ TaFF

The Design Resource Department at TaFF works to increase accessibility and lower barriers to entry to global fashion resources, for interested micro- and small- enterprises in the local and regional fashion industry. To help these enterprises, TaFF uses its position as a trade association to collectively partner with vendors/consultants/businesses to provide opportunities, programmes, and collective discounts and prices. All with the intent of increasing accessibility to growing brands, and giving established brands a wider playing field and competitive edge to scale internationally.

The Department’s current initiatives are: Fashion Resource List, Digital Resources, and Resource Programmes.

Fashion Resource List

The Fashion Resource List is a curated list of various businesses, producers, vendors, designers and experts from across the spectrum of the fashion value-chain whom are interested in working with micro- and small- enterprises in the local and regional fashion industry.

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Digital Resources

TaFF’s Digital Resources initiative gives members access to cutting-edge informative digital platforms, and puts the tools of the trade right at their fingertips. Get special access to a wide variety of essential global resources that will help develop your design, grow your business, and scale internationally.

Resource Programmes

Resource Programmes are initiatives that give members personal, direct access to educational and business resources. We provide seminars and masterclasses that help members better understand and utilize fashion resource tools (for example, guided introductions to digital software). 

Job Portal

To further support the growth of Singapore’s fashion industry, TaFF has officially launched a Job Portal for those searching employment opportunities specifically in fashion. From entry level roles and internships, start your career in fashion with the right networks today.

Member Benefits​

As a member, we provide you with access to an extensive industry network and help you make strategic connections for your business. Learn more about our membership benefits:

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