Past Events

April 2020

Webinar: Marketing
9 Apr

Webinar: Marketing

Startup marketing has unique challenges due to limited resources, whether it’s time, money or talent. In this webinar, our primary focus will be on identifying, creating and communicating a winning value proposition to drive consumers to purchase.
We will explore key marketing concepts and learn how brands and consumers interact. After the webinar, you will know how to build authentic experiences, engage with target audiences across the entire funnel and align your marketing to your business’ objectives.

Webinar: Omnilytics
9 Apr

How to Use Data to Enhance The Designing Process

In this 60-minute onboarding webinar, our Head of Client Success, Hui Chin will guide you through the Omnilytics dashboard, a fashion analytics and insights software that helps retailers make better and smarter decisions. During this session you will learn more on how Omnilytics operates, the methods we use to process our data along with an introduction to the Competitor Benchmarking and Trends Performance solutions. She will also demonstrate how each solution can be integrated into the retail processes, followed by real-life examples for practical application

TaFF X SocietyA Emerging Designer Spotlight
28 Apr

TaFF X SocietyA Emerging Designer Spotlight

The complexities of launching a fashion brand in today’s market sounds daunting to most. How does one navigate through the sea of competitors and stand out?

Join us in conversation with two notable brands to discover the entrepreneurs’ journey in building their business and how they overcame obstacles along the way. In this panel discussion, the speakers will provide insights into the fashion space in their countries and share how camaraderie and constant innovation is the key to success, whether it is establishing a brand in Asia Pacific or other markets globally.

29 Apr

Resilience & Solidarity Budget 2020 for Businesses

This webinar session will be addressing the support schemes introduced during the budget speeches made by DPM Heng Swee Kiat. The 3 key areas that will be addressed by the speaker are Managing Cashflows, Deepening Capabilities and Retaining and Developing Talents. Additionally, introduction of simple IT solutions for Business Continuity will be made to enable business owners to be informed and elicit call for action. As a representative from SME Centre@Central, please note the government support schemes that speaker will be sharing at the webinar are targeted at registered companies with a minimum 30% local shareholding.

TaFF member online networking session
30 Apr

TaFF Member Online Networking Session

In continuation with the TaFF member networking and focus group sessions held late last year, we are organizing a session online for the community to share about how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected them professionally. We welcome members who wants to talk about the current challenges they are facing in their business, while learning and supporting each other through this difficult time. We hope you can join us in this intimate session, meet and connect with fellow TaFF members in the community!

This networking session is only open to TaFF members. If you have any questions on your membership or how to join TaFF as a member, please feel free to email


Growing Your Business Internationally in Times of Crisis
30 Apr

Growing Your Business Internationally in Times of Crisis

Learn about best practices and strategies on how to prepare your brand for international markets post-pandemic world. In this session conducted by Dr. Sandy Chong, an award-winning advisor, educator and active contributor in international business and economic empowerment, you will gain insights on the new norms and what influence consumer preference in times of crisis. Learn how to navigate risks, identify optimal markets and channels, and find out how you could position your brand effectively to win partners and buyers overseas.

May 2020

5 May

E-Commerce Day

In light of the safe distancing measures placed around the world and the onset of Circuit Breaker, non-essential businesses are asked to close their physical retail spaces until these measures ease. E-commerce sales is soaring as a result and consumers across age groups have already shifted spend to online channels.

With this new trend, getting onboard the e-commerce platform will be more critical and essential to help businesses scale and tide through this period. To help business owners get started, TaFF E-Commerce Day helps bring together partners and companies providing services all along the e-commerce and digital fashion value chain.

5 May

Navigating Direct-to-Consumer Approaches in a Crisis

Markets and consumers’ behaviors have undergone drastic changes due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Vast majority of D2C companies as well as those forced to switch to a more D2C approach will need to fine-tune their marketing contingency plans. Please join us for this webinar session and listen to experts share their thoughts on how businesses can navigate the current crisis by providing data and how to leverage tools on their respective platforms to grow your D2C business.

6 May

Harness Power of Data&Empathy to Guide Your Brand Messaging During Crisis

Lather, rinse, repeat. This is probably all we’re doing these days. Funnily enough, this was the general approach many brands adopted for their marketing campaigns pre-pandemic. So, what now and what’s next? In this 1-hour masterclass, discover the opportunities presented to brands in the current context. Learn to harness the power of data and empathy to guide messaging and craft communications during this global crisis. Hear concrete case study examples so you can avoid common pitfalls brands tend to make during this time, and be inspired by those that have forged new paths to survive in this new world order.

TBFI Financial Modeling
11 May

Financial Modeling & Fundraising 101

We live in the post WeWork and Uber age where start-ups think they can win investors over with zealous pitches promising steep hockey curves in the name of market acquisition. The new reality in this economic downturn is that investors are more cautious with their investments. Founders are expected to be able to explain their start-up story with numbers that are backed with proper basis assumptions.
Are you prepared?
Attending this workshop will not only prepare you to explain the numbers (from finance to capital table) for your start-up, but also let you understand what investors are looking for.

Lenzing Presentation
13 May

Presentation by Lenzing Group: Sustainable Material for The Future Fashion

Are you a fashion or beauty brand owner seeking for eco-friendly materials to use in your products?
Have you heard about materials with TENCEL™ in them but don’t really know what it is?
Learn more from international fiber company, Lenzing, in this introduction to the Lenzing range of environmentally friendly, wood-based cellulose fibers and products.
Lenzing products include: TENCEL™ for Modal & Lyocell fibers, LENZING™ ECOVERO™ eco-responsible Viscose fibers, VEOCEL™ for nonwoven applications and LENZING™ for industrial applications.

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