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TaFF aims to shape and reinforce Singapore fashion in the global fashion economy. Our stories elevates the profiles and raises awareness of homegrown brands that excel in the three key areas – Technology & Innovation, Sustainability, and Asian Craftsmanship. We strive to create a robust community for potential business collaborations across the different markets.

The objective of this platform is to keep designers and business owners informed with the latest news and updates in the industry. As we continuously position Singapore as an innovative fashion hub, our significant role has provided access to valuable industry insights for new and established designers to enable sustainable growth. We are committed to supporting businesses to pioneer and commercialise their creativity through key initiatives held by the organization.

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TaFF Annual Report 2021

The Annual Report outlines TaFF’s activities and achievements in FY 2020/2021. Please click here to find the full report including a message from our President Mr. Wilson Teo.

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Consumer Sentiment Survey

TaFF recently conducted a Consumer Sentiment Survey within the community to  understand how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the consumer’s spending behaviour and its implications to the retail industry in Singapore. Previous Next

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