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10 September 2020, 7:00PM to 10:00PM

Asian Civilisation Museum,
1 Empress Pl, Singapore 179555

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22 July

TaFF X Ngee Ann Polytechnic: Taster Webinar on Design Thinking

Innovation teams worldwide have chosen to use Design Thinking processes to identify gaps and problems for businesses. Join us to find out how you can harness Design Thinking techniques to help your team define problems and ideate for creative solutions. Engage with our trainers through this interactive online session to understand how your organization can take on practical steps to improve from actionable feedback.

Ticket Price: FREE
Wednesday, 22 July 2020, 2:50PM – 4:00PM

Past Events

July 2020

2 July

TaFF Talks: Dialogue with TaFF President - Present and Future

TaFF has been on an exciting new trajectory in the past two years, opening up its member base, and creating a slew of programs and initiatives aimed at helping this community to connect and grow. As the global fashion industry sits on the precipice of paradigm shifts across its value chain, an invigorating new vision is crucial, now more than ever. In this edition of TaFF Talks, Mark Lee (TaFF’s outgoing president) and our soon-elected incoming president, speak with Vogue Singapore’s Publisher Bettina von Schlippe, to discuss TaFF has been, where it is now, and where it is going, in the context of our dynamic, evolving industry.

2 July

TaFF Webinar: Buyer Series

This inaugural webinar series gives an amazing opportunity for TaFF members to gain insight of what buyers are looking for from both established and emerging designers while discovering how to represent yourselves and your brand in order to catch their attention.

As an independent or emerging fashion designer, few things are more intimidating than trying to sell yourself, and your designs, to a buyer. We invite seasoned buyer Dave Binns, who has over 30 years in both on the manufacturing side – selling into retailers and on the buying side – developing ranges and buying products from manufacturers, to share what it means to be a buyer and the important elements that make or break new and emerging brands.


June 2020

5 June

WGSN Insight: An Introduction, Tips, and Tricks

ITaFF Members now get exclusive free access to WGSN’s Insight platform! Combining high-end technology with human ingenuity, WGSN Insight helps you stay ahead and informed on macro trends, data, retail and marketing strategies, and generational consumer forecasting.

This is an introduction to the platform for TaFF Members and Non-members alike, providing an overview of the site, its different sections, and giving attendees tips and tricks on how to use the wealth of information contained in this platform to their advantage.

TaFF Members are welcomed to their exclusive, special access. Non-members are invited to consider TaFF memberships to get access – the cost of which pales in comparison to the market price of WGSN platform access (£9000/year).

Join us at this webinar to learn more about this WGSN Insight and how to use it to help your business gain access to insights and inspirations from around the world. In addition, become a TaFF Member and you can get special free access to this platform!

10 June

Public Relations 101 for Fashion & Beauty Startups

Madina Kalyayeva, MD of RSVP PR & Lifestyle Communications Agency, will take you through the ins & outs of communication, covering classic PR, influencer marketing and the importance of digital for storytelling. She will be joined by Asri Jasman, Associate Fashion Editor at Esquire Singapore, to give a 360 perspective on what a good pitch will sound and read like, as well as share examples of techniques and digital additions that a young fashion and beauty brand owner would need to take note of!

11 June

TaFF Member HASIKO Wellness Networking Session

Connect with yourself and others in this light wellness and networking sessionMeet and network, to learn and about each other’s business and explore ways in which we can uplift and support one other. 

Join Zi En, Co-Founder of Hasiko Flow, as she takes you on a journey helping you build both physical and emotional resilience through movement that strengthens your body, meditation to calm your mind, and a process of self-inquiry that allows you to understand yourself on a deeper level.  

An intimate members networking session will follow where you can share about how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected you professionally. We welcome members who wants to talk about the current challenges they are facing in their business, while learning and supporting each other through this difficult time.  

We hope you can join us in this intimate session to meet and connect with fellow TaFF members in the community!  


16 June

How to Market Your Brand in Phase 2

As Singapore enters Phase 2 of reopening after COVID-19 circuit breaker, businesses need additional guidance to help them reopen and capitalise on opportunities to strengthen their brand in the new economic climate and retail landscape the pandemic has created.  
Here are some of the topics we expect to cover: Reassessing your post-COVID digital strateg ; Embracing the new normal of retail with Facebook ; Elevating the shopping experience by offering payment flexibility
.The webinar will hep you to under more about opportunities and barriers of post-COVID omni-channel marketing. 
16 June

TaFFxWWF Reducing Plastic in Fashion, Virtual Roundtable Discussion

Join us, Speak up, Take action! The ‘Reducing Plastic in Fashion’ Virtual Roundtable happens Tues 16 June, at 2:20pm-4:30pm SGT, organised by TaFF and WWF. Learn more about the plastic crisis in our industry and be part of this discussion for change! 

18 June

Providing Liquidity for SMEs in The Isolation Economy

Liquidity is the lifeblood of any company and this is especially true during the COVID-19 period. SMEs especially must ensure that they have sufficient working capital to keep their business moving forward.

Join SGTech & TAFF, in partnership with Mastercard, as we help you understand the e-Commerce and digital payments landscape so you can better leverage these technologies to support your business. We will also be sharing practical solutions from Mastercard and its partners that SMEs can use to extend their cash flow.

This webinar will cover:

(A) Overview of the digital payment landscape

(B) Access faster payment cycle

(C) Tapping liquidity from your credit cards

This event will be delivered live digitally. Q&A will follow after the sharing. A selection of solution vendors such as EZLink, SGeBiz and UOB will present their solutions.

18 June

TaFF and SocietyA are collaborating once again in this Designer Spotlight Series, to converse with two regional designers who are making global waves in contemporary womenswear. 

Malaysian designer extraordinaire, Jonathan Liang, started his brand in Paris after working with French ateliers. His designs are currently stocked across Europe, and in Asian markets such as Singapore and China. Homegrown Singaporean fashion designer Max Tan begin his journey in 2010 building a brand that has since become significant voice on the Singapore fashion scene. Max has become recognized internationally, with designs are stocked in specialty boutiques in Copenhagen, Germany, Norway and San Francisco. 

Join us to hear how these designers have expanded their businesses in the global marketplace, and how they’ve found that special edge that has helped them grow beyond their native shores. In this dialogue, Max and Jonathan will speak candidly about their struggles, their highlights, and what it takes to succeed as a fashion designer straddling eastern and western markets today. 

23 June

Sustainable Solutions and How to Make A Real Difference

Looking for practical ways to make your collections sustainable? Fashion production chain experts Jacqui Gray and Douwe Schurer, delve into the detailed ‘what, where, why, and how’s of making sustainable business choices, pursuing green behaviour, and understanding the costs and certifications of these choices.

Select attendees will get the unique opportunity to receive a complimentary, one-on-one micro-consulting session with Jacqui and Douwe, who will give you personalized insight on your sustainability goals and won how to achieve them.

25 June

TaFF Webinar: How to Lead and Think Innovatively

Innovation is crucial in developing new opportunities and paths to growth. Join us to learn how to lead with innovative thinking through times of crisis.

We are living through a time when business is focused on crisis management in order to survive. Yet the reality is that the world after a crisis is often not the same as before. In order to thrive, businesses need to adapt to change, to new customer attitudes and expectations.

Leadership and innovative mindset are crucial to seize and create new opportunities ahead to grow. However, innovative ideas are also one of the hardest things to cultivate under pressure.

The session will be led by the award-winning consultant Dr. Sandy Chong, Principal Consultant of Verity Consulting – winner of Asia’s Top Sustainability Women of the Year award, and Singapore Management Consultant of the Year. Serving as an advisor for start-ups in Silicon Valley and Perth, Sandy will be sharing what is required to cultivate innovative thinking and becoming one of the 14% of companies that outperform others during crisis.

Drawing on her decades-long experience as a business leader and strategic consultant, find out how companies can overcome the crisis by fostering creativity, identifying emerging needs before the competition does, and being at the forefront of change.

26 June

Looking Ahead: How to Market Your Brand in The New Normal

As Singapore enters Phase 2 of reopening after COVID-19 circuit breaker, businesses need additional guidance to help them reopen and capitalise on opportunities to strengthen their brand in the new economic climate and retail landscape the pandemic has created.

Here are some of the topics we expect to cover: 

– Reassessing your post-COVID digital strategy

– Embracing the new normal of retail with Facebook

– Elevating the shopping experience by offering payment flexibility

– Creating Content for the new normal to boost up the growth

The webinar will help you to under more about opportunities and barriers of Phase2 omni-channel marketing.

May 2020

5 May

E-Commerce Day

In light of the safe distancing measures placed around the world and the onset of Circuit Breaker, non-essential businesses are asked to close their physical retail spaces until these measures ease. E-commerce sales is soaring as a result and consumers across age groups have already shifted spend to online channels.

With this new trend, getting onboard the e-commerce platform will be more critical and essential to help businesses scale and tide through this period. To help business owners get started, TaFF E-Commerce Day helps bring together partners and companies providing services all along the e-commerce and digital fashion value chain.

5 May

Navigating Direct-to-Consumer Approaches in a Crisis

Markets and consumers’ behaviors have undergone drastic changes due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Vast majority of D2C companies as well as those forced to switch to a more D2C approach will need to fine-tune their marketing contingency plans. Please join us for this webinar session and listen to experts share their thoughts on how businesses can navigate the current crisis by providing data and how to leverage tools on their respective platforms to grow your D2C business.

6 May

Harness Power of Data&Empathy to Guide Your Brand Messaging During Crisis

Lather, rinse, repeat. This is probably all we’re doing these days. Funnily enough, this was the general approach many brands adopted for their marketing campaigns pre-pandemic. So, what now and what’s next? In this 1-hour masterclass, discover the opportunities presented to brands in the current context. Learn to harness the power of data and empathy to guide messaging and craft communications during this global crisis. Hear concrete case study examples so you can avoid common pitfalls brands tend to make during this time, and be inspired by those that have forged new paths to survive in this new world order.

TBFI Financial Modeling
11 May

Financial Modeling & Fundraising 101

We live in the post WeWork and Uber age where start-ups think they can win investors over with zealous pitches promising steep hockey curves in the name of market acquisition. The new reality in this economic downturn is that investors are more cautious with their investments. Founders are expected to be able to explain their start-up story with numbers that are backed with proper basis assumptions.
Are you prepared?
Attending this workshop will not only prepare you to explain the numbers (from finance to capital table) for your start-up, but also let you understand what investors are looking for.

Lenzing Presentation
13 May

Presentation by Lenzing Group: Sustainable Material for The Future Fashion

Are you a fashion or beauty brand owner seeking for eco-friendly materials to use in your products?
Have you heard about materials with TENCEL™ in them but don’t really know what it is?
Learn more from international fiber company, Lenzing, in this introduction to the Lenzing range of environmentally friendly, wood-based cellulose fibers and products.
Lenzing products include: TENCEL™ for Modal & Lyocell fibers, LENZING™ ECOVERO™ eco-responsible Viscose fibers, VEOCEL™ for nonwoven applications and LENZING™ for industrial applications.

19 May

What is PDPA, DPO, DPMP, DPIA and how does it affect your business?

With the Personal Data Protection Act, organizations that use, disclose, share personal data have to ensure full compliance with the law, or face financial consequences. How should you operate to be in compliance with PDPA? What do you need to pay special attention to? Find out what are the obligations that business owners need to know, what to do to comply, and key steps to operationalization of PDPA compliance. 

19 May

Digital Marketing Insights & Strategies for the "New Normal"

COVID-19 has disrupted our world like nothing we have seen before. The response requires some reflection, planning, and aggressive executionNow is the time for businesses to realize that they have to pivot and adapt to a new economic reality in order to survive. Many questions have arisen in leu of the economic shift due to the coronavirus pandemic; how do I navigate the crisis online? What is the change in consumer behavior? What digital marketing strategies do I need to implement during this crisis?  Are you prepared?
Attending this workshop will not only prepare you to explain the numbers (from finance to capital table) for your start-up, but also let you understand what investors are looking for.

20 May

TBFI: Cohort 3 Open Call Info Session


TBFI is South-East Asia’s first business incubation programme focused on supporting innovative fashion, beauty and related tech brands. TBFI is on the hunt for its next wave of founders seeking to challenge the industry’s status quo and is receiving applications for its third cohort from now until 11 June 2020.

TBFI seeks business founders who can clearly articulate their brands’ value proposition, the problem or market opportunity that they are addressing and their proposed solution. Preference will be given to innovative business models that utilise technology creatively and/or address social and/or environmental sustainability issues.

Supported by the Singapore government, this ongoing initiative by the Textile and Fashion Federation (TaFF) Singapore, offers a 16-week programme that seeks to propel selected brands closer to market by:

• Guiding companies through monthly 1-to-1 customised consultations with the TBFI Team,

• Connecting founders to relevant industry mentors in our extensive network,

• Exposing founders to the latest in essential knowledge and resources for entrepreneurs,

• Giving founders opportunities to network and to pitch for fund-raising.

28 May

Creative Marketing + Content Production

What does it take to produce successful advertising content? Hear how brands such as Bon Appétit at New York publisher Conde Nast ideate and create engaging, elevated video for an audience of millions. Supervising Producer Phillip Cheng leads a visual conversation into the evolution of traditional advertising as well as examples of production at almost every budget across food, lifestyle, and beauty content. 

29 May

TaFF X GITNB: Why Little Green Steps Still Matter + Sustainability Bingo!

Join Green Is The New Black and TAFF for an engaging and interactive talk. You’ll learn about #LittleGreenSteps that you can action today. And get to know others in the community with a fun game of sustainability bingo!

When was the last time you did an audit of your impact on the planet or asked yourself how sustainable am I really? Do the actions I take actually make a difference? Join us for a talk as we share an overview of living a sustainable life in Singapore and committing to your next little green step as an individual.

29 May

FD Talk - The Fashion Industry in South East Asia


Please join us from an exclusive discussion with fashion organizations from Singapore and Malaysia.
We will hear insights from the CEO of TaFF, Mrs. Semun Ho, and Executive Advisor of Moda Malaysia, Mr. Dirk Luebbert, on the outlook of the Fashion Industry in South East Asia.

April 2020

Webinar: Marketing
9 Apr

Webinar: Marketing

Startup marketing has unique challenges due to limited resources, whether it’s time, money or talent. In this webinar, our primary focus will be on identifying, creating and communicating a winning value proposition to drive consumers to purchase.
We will explore key marketing concepts and learn how brands and consumers interact. After the webinar, you will know how to build authentic experiences, engage with target audiences across the entire funnel and align your marketing to your business’ objectives.

Webinar: Omnilytics
9 Apr

How to Use Data to Enhance The Designing Process

In this 60-minute onboarding webinar, our Head of Client Success, Hui Chin will guide you through the Omnilytics dashboard, a fashion analytics and insights software that helps retailers make better and smarter decisions. During this session you will learn more on how Omnilytics operates, the methods we use to process our data along with an introduction to the Competitor Benchmarking and Trends Performance solutions. She will also demonstrate how each solution can be integrated into the retail processes, followed by real-life examples for practical application

TaFF X SocietyA Emerging Designer Spotlight
28 Apr

TaFF X SocietyA Emerging Designer Spotlight

The complexities of launching a fashion brand in today’s market sounds daunting to most. How does one navigate through the sea of competitors and stand out?

Join us in conversation with two notable brands to discover the entrepreneurs’ journey in building their business and how they overcame obstacles along the way. In this panel discussion, the speakers will provide insights into the fashion space in their countries and share how camaraderie and constant innovation is the key to success, whether it is establishing a brand in Asia Pacific or other markets globally.

29 Apr

Resilience & Solidarity Budget 2020 for Businesses

This webinar session will be addressing the support schemes introduced during the budget speeches made by DPM Heng Swee Kiat. The 3 key areas that will be addressed by the speaker are Managing Cashflows, Deepening Capabilities and Retaining and Developing Talents. Additionally, introduction of simple IT solutions for Business Continuity will be made to enable business owners to be informed and elicit call for action. As a representative from SME Centre@Central, please note the government support schemes that speaker will be sharing at the webinar are targeted at registered companies with a minimum 30% local shareholding.

TaFF member online networking session
30 Apr

TaFF Member Online Networking Session

In continuation with the TaFF member networking and focus group sessions held late last year, we are organizing a session online for the community to share about how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected them professionally. We welcome members who wants to talk about the current challenges they are facing in their business, while learning and supporting each other through this difficult time. We hope you can join us in this intimate session, meet and connect with fellow TaFF members in the community!

This networking session is only open to TaFF members. If you have any questions on your membership or how to join TaFF as a member, please feel free to email Jasminepuah@taff.org.sg.


Growing Your Business Internationally in Times of Crisis
30 Apr

Growing Your Business Internationally in Times of Crisis

Learn about best practices and strategies on how to prepare your brand for international markets post-pandemic world. In this session conducted by Dr. Sandy Chong, an award-winning advisor, educator and active contributor in international business and economic empowerment, you will gain insights on the new norms and what influence consumer preference in times of crisis. Learn how to navigate risks, identify optimal markets and channels, and find out how you could position your brand effectively to win partners and buyers overseas.

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