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Genevie Yeo’s love affair with jade started with a pair of jade rings, passed down from her mother to her and her sister. In 2014 Gen.K Jewelry was born, and in September 2015 Genevie quit a lucrative job in the IT industry to pursue her passion for design. Today, Gen.K Jewelry is a fine jewelry brand which focuses on jade pieces with fresh, modern designs. It has since been featured on Vicenzaoro September and January, Bangkok Gems And Jewelry Fair and Dubai International Jewellery Week.

But Gen.K Jewelry’s offerings aren’t just innovative and pretty—they’re meaningful, too. Each collection represents a positive message that the brand wishes to put out into the world. The brand is an advocate for all kinds of love, from interpersonal relationships to the vastly underrated self-love.

Bees Collection - Gen. K Jewelry
Gen.K Jewelry’s Bees Collection – Pendants and Rings

For example, the bee motif was designed to represent the relationship between a mother and her child. As bees are known for their nobility and selflessness, here they represent motherhood in all its complex beauty.

Besides the jade—whose strength and purity represents the same qualities in one’s relationships—Genevie also utilises motifs such as sunlight and crowns to represent optimism and empowerment, respectively.

The unique and meaningful pieces are a product of the founder’s mindful creative process and diverse sources of inspiration. For example, Genevie is an avid people-watcher who understands the value of self-expression through fashion. The designer’s ability to stay in the moment and connect with both nature and humanity makes her jewellery singularly unique and deeply personal.

Gen.K Jewelry’s Princess Crown Rings
Gen.K Jewelry’s Princess Crown Rings

Gen.K Jewelry’s Princess Crown rings are designed with the themes of self-love and internal strength in mind. The crown represents empowerment and is perfect for women who wish to express their confidence and inner strength.

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