Revasseur x Epson

Revasseur x Epson

This week, we feature EPSON x REVASSEUR, where we share Singapore designer REVASSEUR’s experience using Epson’s SureColor SC–F2000 Direct to Garment printer at 庄 Zhuang: Home of Singapore Designers earlier this month. 

Gilda Su is the founder of REVASSEUR, which means “daydreamer” in French. Her brand aims to bring “fun” back into fashion and is a mix of whimsical and avant garde designs, a play on texture and prints, and some down-right outrageous over-the-top novelties that encourage its wearers to experiment and to make a statement with a personal style that is uniquely theirs.

REVASSEUR’s clothing are mostly made using polyester fabric and the designs are imprinted using dye sublimation where dye is transferred onto fabrics using heat.

Revasseur Clothing
Revasseur Dye Sublimination

With a keen interest to try new technology and material to print designs on clothes, Gilda jumped at the chance when asked to test out the Epson SureColor SC–F2000 Direct to Garment printer which was designed using the latest advancements in performance imaging along with Epson’s all-new garment ink technology.

Epson Fabric Printing

By collaborating with Epson, Gilda was able to print designs directly onto cotton fabric, instead of the usual polyester fabric that REVASSEUR clothes are known for. Gilda raved about her experience using Epson’s printer first hand, saying it was easy to navigate and use. It was also an eye opener for the public as they could watch the printing process live at TANGS.


“If I have an Epson SureColor SC–F2000 Direct to Garment printer in my office, I can do so many things as the possibilities are endless and I can attract new customers to my brand,” said Gilda Su, founder and designer of REVASSEUR.

REVASSEUR’s collection is currently stocked in Singapore, Seoul and Tokyo. Visit for more information. 

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