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MASHIZAN is a luxury brand of made-in-Italy women’s footwear that pays tribute to the glamorous days of Italian high fashion in the 1960s. All their shoes are made by a high-quality artisanal factory using material from innovative tanneries in the Tuscan region. Their seasonal collections are all inspired by documentaries produced and directed by Creative Director Mashizan Masjum. MASHIZAN’s vision is to be a global premier luxury brand for discerning, fashion-forward women, offering quality, comfort, and stylish elegance that instils confidence and empowerment.

Mashizan - #taffspotlight
Mashizan – #taffspotlight

Singapore-born, Florence-based Mashizan Masjum started his career in TV journalism – and spent close to two decades producing award-winning documentaries for National Geographic, History Channel, and Discovery. For years, he lived in New York City working on documentaries around the globe but deep down he’s always loved designing.

Mashizan’s fascination with footwear and fashion was sparked when, as a young boy, he trailed his mother Fatimah to fabric stores and watched her stitching sequins on fabrics, designing and making clothes for the family.

Mashizan broke away from his TV career in 2013 and moved to Florence, Italy to learn the art of shoe making from master artisan Angelo Imperatrice as well as shoe designing under the tutelage of former Ferragamo designer Ilaria Papucci.

Returning to Singapore, he launched the brand in 2015 and in just over a year, his designs have been enthusiastically embraced by the Hollywood crowd including Jeannie Mai, Vivica Fox, LaToya Jackson and Solange Knowles. MASHIZAN heels have appeared on US national and cable TV as well as walked on the red carpets of the Emmys. Mashizan is the only documentary filmmaker-turned-shoe designer who has launched a global luxury footwear brand.

Mashizan Masjum
Mashizan Masjum – Founder
Mashizan in action
Mashizan in action

I love to be inspired by the things surrounding me. Because of my background in TV, I am a very visual person. I capture a moment or a scene that I’ve witnessed and then store it in my mind for a long time. I create little scenes in my head, little films so to speak whenever I’m moved by an inspiration. And then I go into my zone when I design. I play songs that would fit into these films in my head. I create moments, vignettes as I start sketching. Music helps to transport me into that zone. I imagine what it’s like for the MASHIZAN women to be strutting down the catwalk in those heels. I imagine what they’d be wearing. For me, I like that I’m able to draw my inspiration from my past TV works. So now, with each new collection I try to base it off a past documentary that I’d done before.

– Mashizan Masjun

Inspired by the hot, crusty silvery lava of volcanoes, we present MASHIZAN’s silver bootie, Tambora.

Mashizan Product
Mashizan’s Tambora

MASHIZAN’s Fall/Winter collection takes inspiration from the vivid images captured on film for the History Channel documentary, “Inside the volcano”. Filmed across three continents, the sense-impressions of heat, molten rock, explosive power and vibrant colours have found their way into the collection. Be it the rich textures of Hawaiian lava, the jagged rocks of Santorini, or the serenity of Icelandic ridges, you’ll find nuanced expression in the design and choice of material in this collection while always remaining true to its essence of sophistication and elegance.

The collection will be out in stores (Tangs and Takashimaya) in August and online at

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