Dress by Bryden

Started in 2014, Bryden aims to help and serve independent fashion brands and large companies and e-commerce retailers with their sourcing and garment production requirements.

TaFF Spotlight - Bryden
Bryden – #taffspotlight

They handle the whole supply chain process from designing, creating tech packs, sourcing for fabrics and trims, create samples, bulk apparel production, packaging, quality control assessments to arranging delivery of the products.

Above all, Bryden looks at each project as a partnership where quality and the fun of seeing creative ideas come to life are the most important.

They believe in a world where anyone who has a creative idea and an Internet connection, is able to start their own fashion label with them.

To date, they have worked with customers from all over the world, from USA to Tahiti to launch and grow their fashion business and brands.

Donovan and Kai - Bryden Founders
Donovan and Kai – Bryden Founders

Donovan entered the fashion industry by starting t-shirt brand called Ardentees in 2009 as a medium for cool designers and artists to display and sell their creative products.

In 2013, Donovan worked for fashion / e-commerce startups like Zalora and Lift12 where he was involved in the launch of their private labels from creating the brands, sourcing factories and suppliers, setting up operations and sourcing teams in China and coordinating the entire supply chain.

He was inspired to start Bryden when he realised that he had the experience needed to help others build their brands and their businesses.

Kai met Donovan when he worked at Zalora, where he led the production team. He learned the importance of forward thinking and processes in an effective and productive environment.

By removing the hassle of managing the supply chain, Bryden enables entrepreneurs and fashion brand owners to focus on sales and marketing to expand their brands.

Bryden Tailoring
Bryden offers a one-stop supply chain service.

Bryden offers a one-stop supply chain service from private label design services, sourcing, tech packs creation, sampling, bulk apparel manufacturing and delivery.

Their network of vetted partners and factories possess the capabilities to produce low MOQ apparel orders as well as larger volumes. This helps to kick-start fashion businesses and support their growth as their businesses scale.

You can find Bryden’s detailed process here!

Dress by Bryden

Bryden is constantly looking for details that continue to capture and encourage creativity. They are particularly intrigued by great designs. They believe great designs, when executed well, sell.

Bryden explores and creates designs based on elements that interest them, such as the idea of space, lines, perspectives and architecture. They believe that inspiration and creativity have no limits in the design world.

In-house samples are produced for portfolio enhancement purposes, to showcase what Bryden can do. Visit for more information.

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