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Ginlee Studio is a womenswear fashion label established in 2011 in Israel by Singaporean designer, Gin Lee.

Ginlee’s mission of ‘Making Fashion Matters’ keeps the design development process centred around the wearer, so as to create well-designed wearable of great quality. They want their creations to transcend seasons and time, and to remain as a wardrobe solution instead of ending up in the landfill.

Their design DNA is elegant, clean, relaxed and modern, marrying comfort and style in one.

Ginlee - #taffspotlight
Ginlee – #taffspotlight

Brought up in Singapore, educated in London, established in Shanghai, and launched a label in Israel.

Intrigued by how fashion design evolves from a 2D form into a 3D shape, Singaporean Israel-based designer Gin Lee started pursuing her fashion design dream at a young age of 17. In 2002, she graduated from London Central Saint Martins, a renowned college that produced some of the world’s most talented designers.

Gin spent the following decade working in London and Shanghai with established brands and companies. In 2011, Gin moved to Israel with her partner and founded her eponymous label, which acts as an avenue to document her last 15 years in London, Shanghai and Israel.

Gin can be inspired by almost anything. She fuses her label’s aesthetic – which is clean and rather geometric – with a concept to give it a modern take. She has taken inspirations from tribal tattoos, shadows, hummingbird, traditional craft… the list goes on.

Shani Dress - Ginlee
Shani Dress – Ginlee

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