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Hi Doreen! Can you share more about what does? (Textile and Fashion Industry Training Centre) is the training arm of Taff (Textile & Fashion Federation). It’s also the first Continuing Education and Training Centre (CET) for the textile and fashion industry in Singapore, with the vision of becoming the leading capability developer in the global fashion industry.

With 80 short professional courses, the training programmes target not just individuals but the corporate sector and budding fashion enterprises with the drive to improve their industry knowledge, respective expertise and exploring opportunities. Corporate trainings in Singapore include companies and brands such as Robinsons, Tangs, LVMH, Bottega, Bonia, Braun Buffel and Keepers, etc. trains the industry and it is the networking platform for the textile and fashion industry practitioners and newbies. offers courses under 4 disciplines, namely Merchandising and Marketing; Apparel Design and Product Development; Footwear Design and Product Developments and Industrial Engineering, Quality and Production. We offer short professional courses, advanced certificates and diplomas that are accredited by the Workforce Development Agency. also assists the textile and fashion companies in staff recruitment, training and assistance in corporate talent management and succession planning.

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What has been some of the challenges you’ve faced over the years?

Corporate companies are unable to release staff for training due to manpower shortage and has seen a drop in corporate training numbers.

What has been some of’s achievements to stay ahead of the game? is the co-organiser of the Global Lean Conference in collaboration with Li and Fung (HK), a global buying agent, and Kohl’s, US retailer. is also the nominated training provider and consultant for the Lean Training and Implementation Programs. There are currently 12 apparel factories who have signed up for these programs in Vietnam and Indonesia. The participating factories in these programs have seen significant improvements in productivity of more than 100% in cutting, 50% in sewing and 60% in packing and finishing.  Our close working relationships with the apparel factories, buying offices and retailer have kept us up to date in the challenges in the industry and propelled us to continuously update our curriculum and training content to be aligned with industry’s needs.’s international network includes International Trade Centre (ITC) which is an agency of United Nations and World Trade Organization. ITC led a delegation of 20 participants from Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Russia and Switzerland to Singapore for a 7 days mission including workshops in Design and Product Development and visits to Singapore’s shopping malls and to the development studios of FJ Benjamin and Ghim Li.

Aligned with our vision to be the leading capability developer in the global fashion industry, we continue to establish and formalize partnerships with the various trade associations in the textile, fashion and footwear industry to jointly review the needs of the industry and to develop and deliver training programs to meet the performance and manpower gaps. has recently been awarded the EduTrust Provisional certification by the Council for Private Education. EduTrust certification scheme is a voluntary quality assurance scheme that assesses the performance of private schools in areas of management and provision of education services.

Milestones or significant projects that the company has achieved

  • 8th September 2015 – Being awarded the EduTrust Provisional
  • 12th – 19th November 2015 is the one of the supporting organisations of ITMA 2015.
  • 9th August 15 – is the co-organiser who has collaborated with industry partners in the development and production of the NDP 2015 Polo Tee for the participants in the National Day Parade. 14000pcs of “Made By Singapore” Polo Tee were delivered.

What are the future plans for that one can look forward to? Are there any events, programmes or courses that’s coming up?

Look out for our Art of Shoes Competition in 2016 with winners walking away with cash, internship and a trip to Micam in Italy.

We will be launching new modules in Fashion Entrepreneurship in 2016 and Design and Development for Bags in 2017.

How has benefited from Taff’s membership programmes?

Taff’s membership have greatly benefitted our students from Taff’s networking sessions and events. Taff has also supported by marketing the training courses through their newsletter and jointly developing programs for the fashion entrepreneurs. Together with Taff, has trained more than 7000 since 2009.

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