Interview with Code Deco

Interview with Code Deco

Have you always been a perfumer? If not, what was your previous profession?

I trained as an MBA and joined Unilever in Business role. A couple of years later I had moved into the creative department at the Unilever perfumery, Quest International.

Why did you choose perfume?

Quite by chance. My first job was in a business role in the perfumery division at Unilever. I loved the business and enjoyed the creative process and so over time transitioned into a sensory design specialist.

What is your personal favorite piece from your entire collection?

B Minor

Interview with Code Deco - Gallery
Interview with Code Deco - Gallery

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Music, Literature, Sense of place & Time, just life itself.

What are your plans for the brand in the future?

Build a rock solid reputation on creativity and innovation.

How have you/your brand benefited from Taff’s membership programmes?

Yes, it has allowed me access to a larger community and self starters and entrepreneurs in the lifestyle business.

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